Running Assessment Caringbah

For those who love to run, it may be in your best interest to get a running assessment to improve your running technique and to help you reach your goals. You may love to run, but your speed might be hindering your performance. At running assessment Caringbah we can help you to perfect your technique, increase your speed and reduce your chance of injury.

running-assessment CaringbahMany people that run don’t get professional training in running, and this can lead to injury, or impaired running speed. Simply having a running assessment can help you to fix all of these problems and have you running at your best. In the assessment, you will meet with a professional physical therapist. The therapists will closely observe your running technique and speed. A video will be taken so that your running can be more closely monitored. This running assessment can work for both professionals and those who choose to run just for fun.

Running Assessment in Caringbah

A professional running assessment in Caringbah includes an interview to discuss your running history. This is done so that the therapist can know how long you have been running and whether you have been injured, and why exactly you are running. This information is important to the assessment. You will also get a physical exam to check the condition of your overall health. The video will be analyzed, and you will also have your choice of footwear inspected. What one wears on their feet is just as important as the running technique.

Wearing the wrong shoes can make all the difference in running. The professional will give you a recommendation of footwear based on your technique and the shape of your feet. If you have any injuries, those will also be discussed, along with recommended treatment for those injuries. The professional can also advise you on what kind of exercises you should do to improve strength and flexibility. So come in and get a running assessment in Caringbah today.

Caringbah Running Assessment

Caringbah running assessment includes various other things. It can also include a biochemical analysis, which is for joint, muscle and flexibility imbalances. The structure of your foot and body will be analyzed, and if needed, you can get recommendations on orthotics to use. The form of your running will be analyzed, and you will get advised on how to improve this form to reduce the risk of injury, and to make you a better runner overall. If you do need an orthotic, then you will get one made and fitted. If you have been away from running for an extended period of time, but have experience running in the past, then you will get the advice needed to get back to running again. There are many benefits to a Caringbah running assessment.

If you have been experiencing any pain or discomfort while running, you can get the know-how needed to reduce that. You can also learn how to run for longer distances without running out of breath or feeling discomfort. For any runner, a Caringbah running assessment is what is needed to make you a better runner overall.

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