Orthotics are customised or prefabricated shoe innersoles used for injury management, and to assist in improving lower limb biomechanics.

Orthotics may custom made, where a cast is taken of your foot, corrections made and fitted to footwear with the aim of supporting, correcting or offloading.

There are different types of orthotics, each having a different purpose ir work, sport, leisure and can be adjusted to suit almost all types of footwear.

Orthotics may be used for:

  • Biomechanical correction
  • Injury recovery
  • Offloading an injured muscle/tendon/joint
  • Controlling excessive movement
  • Promoting movement (Rigid cavus or high arched feet)
  • Reducing pressure
  • Improving joint range of motion
  • Shock absorption

Orthotics may be rigid, firm, flexible or soft depending on their purpose.

If you have had orthotics in the past that have been ‘too hard’ then they probably were! It is simple to adjust them, so don’t dismiss them if this has happened to you.

Orthotics Caringbah

Often times finding good Orthotics in Caringbah can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. The best is readily available to meet your Orthotics needs in comfort and with the most up-to-date procedures available. There is no orthotics specialist in Caringbah more capable of handling your Podiatry needs than Ryan at Southern sports Podiatry.

orthotics CaringbahThe consultation is easy and it doesn’t take long. This Caringbah podiatrist focuses on excellence. He will not rest until he is gotten to the bottom of the underlying condition causing you pain, injury or distress. The fact is that many times injuries go untreated because they are just Band-Aided with a common solution when the problem was far more complex than first thought. This is not what you need, especially if you’re an athlete loooking for orthotics in Caringbah.

Orthotics in Caringbah

At Sutherland sports Podiatry your needs and health is important. The problems that you may be experiencing have to come from somewhere. These professionals truly understand what causes these problems and they know how to correct them. Orthotics in Caringbah are implemented as well as other low impact exercises and learning techniques are administered to prevent injury, aid in recovery and help you to reach your fullest potential.

Often times athletes turned to Southern Sports Podiatry seeking help with more effective orthotics and injury prevention. There are also runners to seek out help for what they think may be minor injuries that if they had not sought out the services of their Caringbah podiatrists they may have experienced long-term trauma. Not resolving this issue’s as soon as possible can actually cripple an athlete in the terms of never competing again.

Caringbah Orthotics

Caringbah Orthotics and biomechanics are both a big focus in the overall process. It is important to know if limited flexibility strength or muscle issues are the cause of your or could cause you problems. It is important to SS full body movement, range of motion and flexibility to be certain of the treatment option chosen to best suit your individual needs.

If you are looking for a Caringbah Orthotics specialist that truly is concerned about your well-being then you have to look no further than southern sports podiatry. Ryan is a professional that is ready to get you back on your feet, running or training and free from pain our future injury. Don’t put off seeing these specialists if you’re experiencing any difficulties as they may be more serious than you expect. Call and make an appointment for your consultation today.

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