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The feet are said to be an excellent representation of overall health. After all, plenty of injuries and disorders show early warning signs by way of assorted foot and ankle pain: arthritis, circulatory issues, and problems with the hips and spine. The best foot doctor Miranda has to offer brings years of education and patient care experience to the practice of podiatry.

foot-doctor MirandaFinding the right footwear, understanding how to run correctly, and taking proper care of a sports injury are just a few of the services that our foot doctor offers to his valued patients. With experience working at multiple hospitals and practices and a competitive sports background of his own, Mr. Quintano’s understanding of the science of human movement gives him a fresh perspective on treatment. So if you are looking for a foot doctor in Miranda, then call us today!

Foot Doctor in Miranda

This foot doctor in Miranda combines his knowledge of the mechanics of movement, state of the art diagnostic technology, and tried and true orthotics to find the solution to a variety of gait problems and injuries. His familiarity with sports and athletic injuries makes him a great choice for runners or athletes suffering from problems of the feet or ankles. He may have a keen understanding of athletic injuries but that isn’t all that he treats.

The foot doctor in Miranda Ryan Quintano goes above and beyond just a shoe recommendation or a plan for orthotics. He’s passionate about understanding the movement of the human body and teaching people the right way to run and has teamed up with a physiotherapist to provide long term wellness care. His knowledge is applied to physical therapy, teaching patients how to run without injury or strain, or working with competitive athletes to maximize the efficiency of their walking or running gait. He understands the importance of foot and ankle health and works to both treat and educate on this topic he cares about deeply.

Miranda Foot Doctor

The Miranda foot doctor is dedicated to keeping patients on their feet happy, healthy, and injury free. From using the best testing and diagnostic equipment available to pulling from his extensive knowledge of sports and running shoes, the Miranda foot doctor boasts is a valuable asset to any athlete. Offering comprehensive care of the foot and ankle, a podiatrist seeks to support the feet: the very same body parts that support the rest of you. With the dedication and understanding Mr. Quintano brings to his practice there’s no better place to take your aching feet.

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