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  • Pain under your big toe? Swelling & night ache? Let us tell you all you need to know about sesamoiditis.

    Pain beneath the big toe joint? You may have Sesamoiditis – dancers take notice! The sesamoids are 2 small bones situated beneath the big toe joint and play a very effective role in the movement of the joint as well as protecting the joint from the forces placed on it. Pain presents in sports involving sprinting, jumping sports and of course dancers. It is not uncommon in tennis players eit

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  • ‘Sore calves’ everytime you run or play sport?

      Calf pain when running Part 1. Do you suffer with ‘sore calves’ everytime you run or play sport? The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. We hear it all the time ‘my calves have always been tight’ or ‘my calves have always hurt when I run’… The biggest predictor of injury is a previous calf strain, and age. Previous calf strain would probably suggest som

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  • Off season advice Footy, Netball, Soccer and AFL.

    It’s off season time for footy players/netball and AFL. Preseason is just around the corner, it marks the period when you get a chance to sort out all those niggling injuries that may have plagued your season. But, what are they and what can you do about them? Some of the more common injuries for the footy codes are overuse related. This means that the injured tissue has been placed under

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  • Cricket season means foot pain for many.

      Thanks to Luke Bertram our Podiatrist and Cricket foot and ankle injury expert. Learn from Luke how your foot and ankle might hold up, or if you're injured see Luke to help you return to play Sutherland 9521 7578. Cricket and particular fast bowling can be one of the most physically demanding sports you can play. The long periods spent out in the middle under the blazing Australia

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  • Runners: What is FITT? and why should you know..

      FITT- Its so important and no matter what sport you are in to, we always look closely at yours. Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type. Have you ever said 'I am just not capable of running a Marathon'. Chances are injury is the reason. What was it that really lead you to injury. Was it the fact that to make the marathon you needed to run 4-5 times per week (frequency) and you k

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  • Need new running shoes? Our top tips on picking them.

      Despite most of basing our choices on the colour and the design, there are some other (more important!) factors you should take into consideration. Unfortunately the research doesn't have much more of an idea. Scroll down for some more in depth info about that but if you are just here for the tips see below: Here are our tips for your best bet at finding the right shoe. How

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  • Heel pain and plantar fasciitis/heel spur syndrome treatment!

    Symptoms: Pain in the heel first thing in the morning Pain on rising These are the typical symptoms of Plantar Fasciopathy, also known as Plantar fasciitis/heel spur syndrome. Anyone may develop plantar fasciopathy however females in their forties and runners are particularly susceptible. Causes are varied but may include: Poor footwear choices Poor biomechanics/foot and gener

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