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General podiatry and professional care of all skin and nail problems as well as diabetic foot assessments is now also available through our sister clinic ‘Sutherland Foot Clinic’.  

Opening in 2014, Ryan Quintano started Southern Sports Podiatry. With Monique Bakija, Elise Smithers and John Mamis joining our team over the years we have now become the trusted Podiatrist in the Sutherland Shire for foot pain and injury.

Southern Sports Podiatry focuses on foot pain, particularly heel pain in adults and children. Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain in adults, with Severs’s disease the most common in children.

We love to treat injury, provide appropriate orthotic prescription, assess sports  injuries, and provide solutions for complex pain and biomechanics issues.

We are located in the centre of Sutherland and Auburn street Wollongong and welcome everyone from high level runners and triathletes, to weekend sporting warriors. However, if you are just suffering from foot or ankle pain and are looking for answers then contact us today.

Monique Bakija, Elise Smithers and John Mamis treat sports injuries, foot and ankle pain and provide through assessments of the lower limb biomechanics and provide orthotic prescription.

Ryan has a special interest in amateur and professional triathletes and has been involved in the sport of triathlon for 12 years. Ryan has an extensive knowledge of footwear and running gait which is often the crucial piece of the injury puzzle.

The Podiatry team meet at our Sutherland clinic weekly to discuss and collaborate on cases and to continually further our knowledge.

Orthotics are specifically designed for sport, general and work use. Orthotics may be used in slowing high velocity movement, injury recovery or in some cases, such as with high arch feet, promotion of movement. There are different Orthotics to assist in relieving your pain or to improve your biomechanics.

Podiatrists are often considered the ‘foot doctor’ of the body. Foot biomechanics are extremely complex, so at Southern Sports Podiatry- Sutherland walking and running technique and posture are also assessed as this can substantially affect stresses at a foot level. Ryan has a great network of referrers including physiotherapist’s, osteopaths, chiropractors, sports doctors and GP’s as he believes in a multi- disciplinary approach.

What are foot problems caused by?

Foot problems are often caused by overload of structures of the feet, direct, or repetitive trauma. Chronic training load, or too much too soon are common findings. Rapid changes such as footwear, training/playing surface, or equipment are other causes.

The more chronic overload may be caused by poor movement or biomechanics.  Upper body and pelvic control, core stability, hip and knee stability and general foot posture may singly or in combination contribute to the overload of foot structures.

For this reason the initial consultation at Southern Sports Podiatry, is usually an hour and includes detailed history and full gait analysis. The most detailed assessment in the Sutherland Shire.

Being a Sports Podiatrist, Ryan readily utilises allied health as well as pilates in Sutherland, Menai and Cronulla and gait re assessment to assist in injury recovery and more importantly future prevention.
Ryan also runs Integrated Running Solutions (IRS) with physiotherapist Lauren Atlee. IRS a running assessment program, designed to improve running: speed, comfort and efficiency as well as prevent injury.

It is a comprehensive 2 part theory and practical course that includes physiotherapy non weight bearing assessment, podiatry lower limb biomechanics assessment, video gait analysis (front, back, side) and full report for your referring practitioner. IRS gives you the knowledge of the importance of muscle recruitment, strength, flexibility and gait re training to teach you the skills to run efficiently, improve your speed and running comfort.


Ryan Quintano is a fully Qualified Podiatrist graduating from the University of Western Sydney in 2005. SSP is now well known as the Sutherland Shire Podiatry clinic to go to. Ryan has extensive experience and has a fantastic disposition with patients. Many runners and triathletes from Cronulla Triathlon Club, Engadine Triathlon club, Sydney survivors, Tribe Social Fitness, BWhipp Fitness, Elite Fitness Cronulla and F45 Caringbah and Cronulla have all turned to him for assistance, injuries and injury prevention.

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